Biblical Studies Courses                    Language Arts Courses                         Mathematics Courses

Christian Worldview                            Grammar & Literature I                          Algebra I

New Testament Survey                       Grammar & Literature II                         Integrated Algebra

Old Testament Survey                         American Literature & Grammar             Geometry

Christian Theology                              English Literature & Grammar                Algebra II

                                                        College Literature*                              Trigonometry & Functions

                                                        College Composition*                          Pre-Calculus*

                                                                                                                    Calculus I*

Science Courses                                Social Science Courses                        Foreign Language Courses

Physical Science                                World Geography                                 Spanish I

Biology                                               World History                                      Spanish II

Physics                                              United States History                           Spanish III

Chemistry                                           American Government

Anatomy and Physiology I*               Psychology I*

Anatomy and Physiology II*              Psychology II*


Arts and Communication Courses

Introduction to Design

Cultural Art: Ancient to Medieval

Realism: Renaissance to Rococo

Modern Art: Impressionism to Present

Multimedia & Website Design

Photoshop Certification (professional level certificate available)

Consumer Science

College & Career Seminar

Vocal Ensemble**

Instrumental Music**


Courses in Bold are Weighted Honors Courses

**Offered as an extra-curricular activity during school hours

*Course Avalaible for College Credit through either the University of Colorado or Colorado Christian University

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